Bubble Boy

Hey Mama! Julian is being weird.

Mom. Did you hear what I just said? You need to check this out.

See? He keeps doing that with his spit, Mom. 

Wait, what?

 I'm not doing anything.

Ok, maybe I am. 

I just like how the bubbles feel on my chin. Get off my back.

Hahaha I told you he was being weird!


  1. holy crap. these are the most epic spit bubbles of all time. jeeezzzzz... how does he do it?!

  2. Classic!

    And I agree with Jess - Most. Epic. Spit bubbles. Ever.

  3. Your guys are so cute. I live in Australia thats why the photos look hot it really hot here at the moment

  4. You have the most handsome lil men ever!

    fun photos!