sleep, busted face, and other stuff

Random things I'm thinking right....NOW:

  • Today was a busy day, so busy that the two baskets of unfolded laundry still sit in front of our tv, for the 2nd day in a row. I could probably fold them tonight but I won't because I hate folding and I don't feel like it. I feel like I didn't do anything today, but then I look back on the day and it went so fast I don't even remember all the stuff I DID do. (That does NOT make any sense.)
  • Chikezie isn't home yet and it's 7:30. Where oh where has my husband gone? I missed 7pm yoga. Boo. 
  • Not that I had any energy for yoga. I went for a 2 hour walk to the mall and around with the boys today. That stroller is heavy. 
  • Is it just me or does PMS get worse after you have kids? Man I turn into a beotch. Chikezie agreed with me about that fact this weekend. Which didn't help my mood...but it is true. I get super annoyed at EVERYTHING for a few days. Sorry husband. 
  • Our dishwasher is SO FREAKING LOUD. We live in a brand new apartment, why is this thing so loud? It's annoying. But I guess it's better than washing them by hand so I'll shut my face.
  • We started crying-it-out with the boys on Saturday night. We were kind of at our wit's end with waking up multiple times each night. They CAN sleep through the night, they just don't do it consistently. We started an earlier bed time (now 7:30 or before as opposed to usual between 8:30-9). Night 1 they cried for an hour (one boy for 1/2 hr, the other for 1/2 hr) from 8-9. Isaiah woke up again at 3am and after 45 minutes of crying I helped him w/2 oz of milk and cuddles. He fell asleep. Night 2 they both went to bed, I heard some crying on the monitor at like 3:30am, it was on and off for like 20 minutes and not too intense. I think Julian. After that they slept until 6:30. Yay!
  • Today Isaiah face planted on the floor and bit his top gums. Blood everywhere. Lots of crying. It looked like the scene out of a horror movie. There is something about when your kid bleeds you just feel so bad for them. Then you KNOW it hurts, when there's blood.
Sorry, that's it. I don't have any pictures. 

sponsor love: black haired broad designs

I'm a sucker for needle crafts-specifically knit and crochet lovelies.

Black Haired Broad Designs has such hip, cool designs on cowls, headbands, and hats that look oh-so-warm and oh-so-cute.

I have this headband and loooove it. It's perfect for the cooler but not cold weather here in So Cal and the bow is just the perfect touch of girlieness for me. And the bow is removable so I can clip it to other stuff for fun, too :)

I love this color. LOVE. They say green is the favorite color of most geniuses in the world. Coincidence? Maybe.

Um, yes please. 

We still have a good 2 months of winter left to look cute. 

Go get some.

Want to be a sponsor? GO HERE for info. I love trading goodies for ad space. Mainly because I want to be able to write about your creations from first hand experience. And it's not much $$ out of your pocket. Let me know if you're up for a deal!

Tattoo Inspiration

I've decided within the next couple months I'll be adding to my arm tattoo...FINALLY! The last tattoo I got  was the blue clouds around my arm. You can read all about my tattoos and their meanings HERE. I've wanted to add on to this since I got it in the spring of 09. But I was pregnant shortly after and have been busy ever since. But now, it's time. I just don't know where to go to get it done out here, that's the big problem. I want my tattoos to look uniform, not like they were done by many different artists. So finding a good artist that won't charge me a bamillion dollars out here will be a task. 

I want all of my tattoos to look painted on, which generally means they don't have black outlines like most classic tattoos. I need to find an artist who can do that style to my liking and understands my vision. 
I want a mountain horizon with a beautiful pink and red sunrise in the background (which would look so pretty under the blue clouds). I also want somewhere, two daffodils which is the March birth flower (representing the boys) probably on the top and/or back of my shoulder. Yellow is a complicated color to get because it fades easily and your shoulder is a prime are for sun...which causes fading. The yellow flower I already got I had touched up now has more orange and red because it was fading into my freckles so much.

Chikezie is pretty supportive of it either way. He's said in the past he doesn't want me to be all covered in tattoos, but at the same time thinks every new one I get is pretty kick ass. I'm keeping all my tattoos located in the same area and not everywhere all over my body so I think that keeps it all under control. Plus, he's always wanted one but can never decide what or maybe he lives vicariously through me :)

Here is some inspiration I've been looking at:

This picture is almost perfect. I love the colors (I wouldn't have this much black on the bottom of course) but this is a picture with Longs Peak in the distance. I climbed Longs a few years ago, it was my first 14'er  and even though it was SO physically challenging it is something I'm so proud of. I want to climb it again. I have a picture of it in my bathroom actually as a reminder on the tough days that I can do anything.

Bubble Boy

Hey Mama! Julian is being weird.

Mom. Did you hear what I just said? You need to check this out.

See? He keeps doing that with his spit, Mom. 

Wait, what?

 I'm not doing anything.

Ok, maybe I am. 

I just like how the bubbles feel on my chin. Get off my back.

Hahaha I told you he was being weird!

Thoughts on Moving

  • We moved to this apartment a year ago in April hoping we found a place we could stay for a couple years so we wouldn't have to move again soon. Well, we don't like it as much as we thought we would. Don't get me wrong, this place is beautiful. The grounds are amazing, there are super awesome amenities, but there are a lot of things that I'd trade for the fancy granite countertops and bedroom french doors.
  • The next couple months I need to start organizing and getting rid of a lot of stuff. Especially the boys' old stuff. I'm not lugging things we don't need or use anymore to the new place (which is yet to be determined). This is one good thing about moving. It is a home "cleanse" of sorts and provides for a new, fresh start at a newly cleaned and organized place.
  • Things I'm looking for in a new place: 
    • Away from main roads. We're right by the freeway right now. I can't open the windows if I want to watch TV because I'm having to blast the TV to hear anything.
    • A big patio. Our patio right now is soooo small. We hardly use it because it faces a wall, too. We live in California-where we can use this all year round! I want a big patio I can put a rug on and let the boys play in the fresh air during the day.
    • A tub without built in doors. I HATE ours. It's so hard to bathe the boys when I can only have access to half the tub at a time. 
    • Preferably a first floor apartment. I go on lots of walks with the boys and I don't want to worry about lugging boys down stairs. Right now we have an elevator but not many complexes have one.
    • Lots of walking trails and paths around. Right now we're in such a commercial area it sucks going for walks because I have to wait forever at stoplights every block. And the scenery sucks. 
    • A place fairly close to Chikezie's work in Foothill Ranch. I'm thinking Mission Viejo, Foothill Ranch, Ladera Ranch (there's a place there I like), Rancho Santa Margarita...if you know of any places in this area let me know!
  • As much as I hate moving, I'm a creature of change. I love changes. I love being in a new environment with a fresh start. I'm often rearranging things and changing my environment so a change will be nice. We only moved one block from where we lived last year so I'm ready for a completely new start.

robot birthday!

Here is what we want Mama to do....

Worless[ish] Wednesday: Brothers

It was beautiful out yesterday afternoon (ok, it's beautiful out every day here in So Cal) so after our walk...and then our nap...we went to the park (a.k.a. the giant patch of grass at our apartment) to watch the big guys play catch. And to watch the ladies with dogs chase after them on the grass. And watch the little girl that just learned how to walk stumble in circles around us yelling "baby! baby!"

We sat in the grass on a blanket and just soaked up the world. And Julian whined a lot because he hates grass. And Isaiah puked once.  

Julian's hair was doing some crazy stuff yesterday. The back was like half straight because he was fighting me putting on that long sleeved shirt. Rebel.

Concentration face.

Julian hates grass. 

Isaiah loves Luigi. Maybe a little too much.


These are MY children. My beautiful little children. I am soooo so blessed.

Sweetest lips.

Ready to take on the world together. And if you could see their faces on the other side you'd see pacifiers in their mouths because that's the only way I could get them to sit in the grass without whining. 

Isaiah decided to debut this new face he's been working on.

Hi, brother. 

Funniest Mama EVER

Last night, for one brief, fleeting period...I was the funniest mama EVER

And I have the pictures to prove it. 

Here is the original:

When they're 15 and think my jokes are LAME, I can pull out these pictures and cry about a time when my babies thought I was entertaining. 

Or maybe I'll just be the cool mom who just happens to have hilarious jokes even when her kids are 15.

Sweet Shot Day

Monday Monday

Warning-this post is pretty boring.

Walked to the mall because I needed to get some diapers. Along the way we stopped at Old Navy because the boys are growing out of their 12 mo size t-shirts and the long sleeve shirts that actually fit right now are a little warm sometimes. Old Navy had 50% off of clearance stuff. Bonus! Found them a couple t-shirts and even a scarf and earrings for myself that were like $2 each. 

Then we went to this little baby boutique that usually has stuff super expensive, but they're going out of business and everything in the store was 40% off. However, I was a little pissed because I bought my Ergo carrier from there right before Christmas at full price, and now they're 40% off. LAME. 

And then to Target. Where we are all the time.

I did the Bob Harper Kettlebell work out this morning. My legs are sore-kettlebells are a good work out! And hopefully Chikezie will be home in time for me to go to yoga tonight. I SO love the teacher here at our complex (and classes are free every Monday-Wednesday). I'm trying to lose weight. One step at a time so I'm focusing on 10lbs right now. Back to pre baby weight. 

Anyways. Here are some pictures from the day.

Playing in pj's. Pj's that are kind of getting too small.

Isaiah is low riding his pants. That's just how he rolls.

Fountain at the mall.

Dudes chillin' in Old Navy while mama looks for stuffs.

Sweet piano at the mall. So cool they put this out for people to play. I was tempted but the boys were getting fussy.

I'd like this piano at my house please.

The tree of plenty in So Cal.

Another pretty fountain around the apt complex where we live.

Hope ya'll had a good Monday! I can't believe it's the last week in January already. 

vintage treasures

I didn't get a chance to write about my weekend last weekend because I was sick for part of the week. And our pictures were stuck on the camera while we had to transfer everything because the computer was running out of room! (I'm ready to get back into the swing of things this week.)

So last Saturday I went to the antique mall in Orange. I was only there for a few hours and I only explored maybe one block of this little old town square that I didn't even know existed. It reminded me SO much of little towns back in Iowa except in Orange it was all one big upon store upon store of vintagey goodness. I stopped in probably 4 or 5 stores and then I was all antiqued out. 

I'm taking my camera with me next time because it was all so cute. And I'm also taking someone with me who likes antiques as much as I do. 

Here are a couple of the goodies I came home with:

An assortment of vintage buttons from a couple of different places. LOVE these. I'm seriously obsessed with buttons and have SO many. And I always feel a little sad when I use one of the buttons on a craft because I know I don't have it to use for anything again. aww. 

Keys!! That skeleton key is my favorite and it's already on a short chain but I'm going to find one longer for it. I'm not sure what I'll do with the others but I may make them into some kind of jewelry as well. 

And my favorite...a very, very old map of Iowa/Missouri. I don't really care about the Missouri part but loving the Iowa part. The bottom of the map is copywrited 1886. I love to think about where this map has been and the people who have had it and looked at it. 

I can't wait to go back and explore all of the streets I didn't have the energy to see last weekend. And this time I WILL bring my camera.