we've been busy

Sorry for the lack of bloggage this week...we've been busy.

Basking in season!

Making new orders on Carter's onesies now and not the lame Gerber ones. These are totally better. 

Looking fly.

Gettin' all up in ur business.


and taking pictures in the bathroom mirror so you can see what those sweet little bows are for. So so so cute pinned to a stocking hat. Or pinned to a jacket. I haven't put pins on all of them because they're cute in hair too. Dang. Oh and they'd look cute on some heels. 

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  1. omg loving the bows I think I need one in my life

  2. So adorable....you...the babies...the bows...all of it!

    I use the Gerber onesies right now and yeah...not so much. Did you find a good deal on the Carters ones?

  3. Those bows are are stinkin' a.dor.a.ble. I'm in love. And that mustache onesie is WAY too cute.

  4. Ack! Every time I see pictures of your boys, I get so excited for my own little guy to get here. And the bows---too cute!

  5. Looking way back in your posts.. :]
    I've been trying my hand at bows.. and yours are sooo much cuter!
    I love them!