Weekend and Monday Photos

A couple of pictures from my weekeind:

Yummy chocolate chip cookies we had this weekend.
I wish we still had some...

I rearranged the boys' room. 
And they even got in the holiday spirit a little! Those lights are bight!

And some pictures from today:
We went for a walk to the mall to pick up some food at Target. Fun times...fun times.

Afterward we sat outside in the half-wet grass for a few minutes. They LOVE outdoors but are annoyed by grass.
As you can see...Julian was in the holiday spirit with his red socks. I laid out 3 pairs and he chose the red ones so that's what he wore. And Isaiah finally has a hoodie that isn't too small (so what if it's a little big still).

Some boys pondering life's meaning...

prepare for heart melting:

Julian had something to say:

...and then Dudes were tired of outside and ready to go. And believe me, they have no problem letting me know when it's time to go.

And shortly after we got inside the sun began to set and looked beautiful over the hills past our apartment:
An unedited gorgeous sunset over all the workers heading home on the freeway.

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  1. Heart = melted. Those boys are just beyond beautiful!

  2. the dudes are looking like big kids! and i think you should leave those lights up in their room all year, it looks awesome.