Short and Sweet (and cute)

Well I've been working on Christmas cards all day....and still have a bunch to go so this is going to be short and simple :)

Chikezie took this while I was gone on Saturday:

And here is what I did with it: (although that original is soo sweet!)

Here's where you can link up your Tuesday shots:


  1. Cute edit, love what you did to his eyes!

  2. He is a very cute canvas to work with :)

  3. cute is right! love those big eyes and gorgeous catchlights :) what a sweetie.

  4. love the way the eyes pop in the edit!

  5. I mean - how cute is that little guy?! Love your blog - it makes me smile in every post!!
    Gave you the Stylish Blogger Award!
    Come and get it!!

  6. Cute picture! Go Hawks back to ya...What'd ya think of all of the controversy this week? My hubby and I feared that there wouldn't be a team left to play in the bowl game....what in the world??? Glad I've found a fellow Hawkeye!

  7. I know - the rumors were so rampant here! I had our high school's principal tell me that he heard that DJK kept a spreadsheet with names on it....whose names and what they meant I don't know! But, that is the kind of things people were saying!

    The end of the season was pretty disappointing. They'd better stomp Mizzou into the ground -

  8. I love the edit!

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