Pics Pics Pics!

We're still enjoying some family time in Cedar Rapids with Chikezie's family. Chikezie leaves to fly back to Cali tomorrow and I will be heading to my hometown to spend the next week with my side of the family. We've had a great week here and it'll be sad to leave everyone. But I'm also excited to see my family as well so tomorrow will be a little bittersweet. I'll also be kind of sad the dudes and I won't be seeing Daddy for 10 days! 

As we aren't doing much new right now, I'll entertain you all with more pictures from our past couple days. (Sorry, we're not doing much but hanging out!)

The twins with the twins!

Omg those sweet little lips. *swoon*

I love this picture (taken by Chikezie's sister). Isaiah and Uncle Chic playing.

The boys just chillaxin' when we got to Uncle Chic's house lol. They look so relaxed!

The dudes loved the lights on Uncle Chic's Christmas tree. Maybe because his tree looked a lot like ours.

Boys playing.

Two boys with their pacies :)

Isaiah helping grandma do dishes.

Isaiah enjoying a ride up high on Uncle Chic.

 Loves his uncle.

Stare down of the Hamiltons. (We gave Isaiah the middle name Hamilton after Chic, both are the younger boy in the set of twins, both have the same middle name. I LOVE it.)

Sorry these posts might be so boring but I'm just eating up all this family time!

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  1. I love your posts about your family.

    And your beautiful photographs.

    - Lauren

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