no place like home

Greetings from FREEZING cold Iowa! You know, even though I've lived here my whole life, you forget very quickly what that cold actually feels like until you are in it again. It took me a couple days to adjust but now I feel right at home again. 

The dudes have adjusted to the 2 hr time difference, all the new people and the new surroundings WONDERFULLY. Oh my gosh, I was so nervous thinking this would just be a constant struggle. Babies not tired when they need to be, not sleeping, scared of all the new people. We had a few tears and scared moments the first few hours but after a day of seeing everyone and getting the sleep we needed, it has been a breeze. 

Here are a few shots from our last few days:

A sleepy baby J on his first flight on his first Christmas :) The boys did well. Restless and squirmy and only slept for about 30 minutes from home at 3am to Iowa at 12:30pm...but really did great. We were NOT the screaming babies on the plane. That was a relief. 

Sleepy Julian with Grandma Barb at the airport. 

Isaiah finally sleeping.

Julian checking out the lights with Papa.

Chikezie remembering what it's like to not just get in your car and go.....scraping off cars and heating them up is time consuming!

The boys playing in their favorite spot at Grandma's house, in front of the mirrors LOL!

Mama SO excited to have some caffeine!  MMM warm Starbucks tastes a little bit better when it's cold outside.

Isaiah enthralled by daddy's mouth.

Sunday night Chikezie's parents threw a big Thanksgiving/Christmas party/feast with lots of friends and family. We had the best time...and so did this beautiful dancing grandma.

Isaiah (Mama's boy) all partied out.

Papa and Grandma dancing! 

We woke up on Monday morning to this beautiful dusting of snow. Ahh it's good to be home.


  1. these are awesome photos dude. i didn't realize your husband's family was from iowa too, that's pretty awesome.

  2. Yeah it's nice that they're on the opposite side of the state as my family but it's only like a 4 hr drive so it's not so bad.

  3. I forget about the cold every year too! you'd think it'd stop surprising me. . .but noooo. . . I'm never prepared.

    Eight inches of snow over here!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs!

    - Lauren

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