holy crap

I'm just going to warn you, this post is random. But I'm slamming a Redbull and have a lot running through my brain:
  • Um, Christmas is in a week, friends. Holy jingle balls I have a lot to do. The Dudes are playing/watching Veggie Tales Christmas right now. I love Veggie Tales. Maybe that's why we're watching this because they're only catching little bits here and there. 
  • Um, BOTH of my boys are crawling on all 4's now. How cool is that? I was hoping they would be by Christmas. They're so cute/clunky, too. Isaiah slaps his hands on the floor really hard when he crawls so I can tell who is coming without seeing him. 
  • Who has flown with babies before? I need some travel tips, stat. 
Also, I need your opinion on something. I'm going to a friend's wedding in January..and I'm VERY excited because he's an old friend from college that I haven't seen forever and a lot of my college friends will be there that I miss SOOO much! Anyways, since I'm a mommy now I have like, NO dress clothes. And this wedding is going to be in cold weather. Here is what I have in mind and I want you to tell me what you think OR send me some suggestions.

I tried these boots on at Target the other day and LOVE them:
Plus they'll be warm. Which is a plus. Never mind the dress. Mama doesn't look like that in tight little dresses.

I was thinking those boots would look cute with this dress from Forever 21:
Paired with leggings (I don't know what color) and some kind of broach-ey thing at the neck line or a scarf or belt or I don't know what. (Need ideas there.)

Or I also like these dresses:

This one is cute but might make me look like a whale:

Your opinions or suggests....GO!


  1. Love the boots and the 1st and 2nd dress (mind posting links?? pretty please? and yes Christmas is in a week and I feel like I have so much to do. eish. As for flying with babies I have only flown with one but I am guessing your not going alone.

    I would say to look for flights early in the morning or late at night so they sleep through most of the flight. Also bring some toys but don't give them until your ON the plane and they are fussy it lets them be distracted for a bit. Also if you have a laptop or video player bring it, it is my Saviour when nothing else works!

  2. I like the red dress and the one on the bottom :) This forever 21 dress is also cute.



  3. I looovvveeee the last dress!!! Paired with those boots & some nylons. Hot Mama!!!

  4. I'd go with the bottom dress. And where are you flying with the babies? Um ... we did 10 round-trips before Anna was 14 months old (at which time, I was pregnant with Simon, who also logged a pretty impressive number of flights in his baby days). Call me. I'll tell you everything I know. xoxo

  5. I say go with the red dress gray knit leggings possibly one of the circle scarves you knit and your good to go. As for flying I 2nd the late night flights you will be very surprised flight attendants really cater to parents with young ones you can even call ahead of time and let them know you are flying with infants and if there are any vacant seats they will usually let you seat you there so you have more room. They say paci or bottle on the way up and down so their ears can pop

  6. Merry Christmas!

    Must say I love that your background appears to be a gray sweater. It looks warm (and I'm currently cold, so it's especially inviting right now).

    I know you don't know me at all - although I do feel like I know you as I read your blog every week (sounds creepy - it's not. I just like how you write) - but I thought I'd go ahead and say I like the second babydoll gray dress best. I'd wear this in a heartbeat - plus, after the wedding, it'd look great over jeans.

    - Lauren

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