Flashback Friday: Christmases Past

I was probably 2 in this picture:
Mr. Potato Head? Yes please. New tricycle from Santa? Nice! Pink footie pajamas? Classic. Mullet? No thank you.

I was 3 here...
We actually have video I remember seeing from this Christmas. It was my first Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa U's house and I was the only little kid so I got ALL of the attention :) Totally hamming it up man.

4 or 5:
Someone made me this real life ginger bread house. I don't remember if it was uncles or grandparents or mom and dad. But how cool is this!? Complete with snow on the roof (and an icicle!), candy canes filled with candy, my own little Smurf elf and if you look to the right it's my own mailbox! 

I remember when I took this home I used to play drive through with my stuffed animals with this house. Hey when you don't have any brothers or sisters to play with, you need to get creative.

And then in high school:
As you can see, my sister is pissed. I think they were all pouting because they couldn't open those presents yet. We spent this Christmas in Keystone with the ENTIRE extended family. We had so much fun skiing and wandering around the winter wonderland. Beisdes having a lot of people cramped into a couple of condos, it was an awesome time.

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  1. Ok, but I ESPECIALLY love the mullet in the first picture, haha. You said no thank you, but I say DOUBLE YES PLEASE!

  2. Wonderful memories and photos...
    Stopped by to follow your blog from the Friend Finding Fridays blog hop... do comment/follow me back :-)
    Have a Happy Holiday Season!
    Positive Kismet Blog

  3. oh my gooodnesss;) way back in the day seems so forever ago! i love that you are able to whip out these photos and share! i can't even begin to get mine out...! wow....dontcha just love when people tell you what to do....bahaha...:) have a good weekend!

  4. I remember that trip to Keystone! Bryan, Kevin, and I skipped out to go to Vail one day and it was the BEST day of skiing I EVER had in my whole life. They ditched me so they could ski in the woods and I stayed in China Bowl all day. If I never ski again it's OK because I had that day ... which is good because, at this rate, I may never ski again (I'm home with the littlest one while Good Times Daddy takes the big kids out -- all good, all in time!).