the dudes can party

Our friends Adam and Kelly were nice enough to host a holiday party this weekend at their CUTEST ever little beach house.

And for once, I didn't feel like taking any pictures so Chikezie took the camera and had some fun :)

Dudes checking out the digs. 

Chidi in his own little world.

The ladies hanging out...and Isaiah making friends with Kelly. 

Pretty mantle decor...and some good bokeh in the background :)

Isaiah enjoying the fireplace...isn't their house the cutest? (Two designers...go figure!)

All this needs is a little snow on the window panes.

Baby J exploring. 

Babies staying up waaaay past their bed time. Cuddles with mama.

And no party is complete without a mustache. 
(aka the shitty present I made that nobody wanted in the the white elephant gift exchange. You never want to be THAT person, right? The person who gets the crappy gift. It's like the last kid to be picked to dodgeball. As I read the directions we were to bring something funny or under $10...and I thought this was both! Sorry to whoever ended up getting this in the end...I thought it was good??)

We had such a good time! And even though the boys stayed up WAY past their bed time, they only got a little fussy/scared of people at the end of the night. And I'm attributing that all to their tiredness. 

Yay for the holidays!


  1. Haha! I love the mustaches! I think they are great. :)

  2. i would have been fighting people for those mustaches! haha, actually i just made some for my daughters just like that :)
    i just looked in your shop and stella officially wants one of everything...even if people would mistake her for a boy in the mustache onsie!