cuteness overload (video)

Ok I know I just posted a video yesterday but this one is too cute not to share.

We were playing peek-a-boo yesterday and Isaiah discovered that he could just look under the pillow I was holding in front of me. Then Julian got in on it and they're so cute when they dip down to look under something. Our internet box is behind/under the couch and we often find Isaiah with his face down near the floor looking at the blinking light under the couch.

Last night when I got back from a much needed yoga class, we decided to play peek-a-boo again. But this time Isaiah really was looking for mama!

LOL we couldn't stop laughing at him turning his head sideways like he really was looking for me somewhere underneath something else. I could just hear him saying, " I don't know! Where IS mama?" 


  1. He keeps looking at Chikezie like "Daddy, this isn't funny, WHERE is Mama?! No seriously man."

  2. Bbbbaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaa!!! That is too stinkin' cute!!!