busy in Iowa

Sorry I haven't been posting as often. I'm really trying to soak up as much time with family as I can right now. This is our first trip home in almost a year and a half and first trip home with the boys. We've spent the week with Chikezie's parents and two sisters. His twin brother just got into town today so we're SO excited to spend time with him for the next couple days as well. 

We also got the chance on Tuesday to see my Iowa City family; Aunt Molly, Uncle Kevin and two cousins, Alex and Breanna. Here are some pictures from our visit there. I loooove visiting them (they're so hip and cool) and we had the best time chatting, ordering local pizza and catching up.

Julian and Great Aunt Molly. Um, she does NOT look old enough to be a great aunt!

Aunt Molly introducing Julian to his first ever turtle friend, Yertle the Turtle. 

Speaking of firsts, they were dog sitting for some family members so we got to meet little Remmy. Isn't he the cutest? This was the boys' first REAL meeting with a puppy. Poor little Remmy was scared of the dudes LOL.

Love this lamp. That is all.

Pretty snowflake on the tree.

How great is this picture?? EVERYONE is looking and smiling. Um, and how HUGE is Alex? He's a freshman, people. Giant cousin. 

Ugh I had such a great time I miss them all so much!


  1. what great shots glad you enjoyed your family time

  2. awe your boys look so happy. :) seems like you guys are having a great time

  3. yay for meeting animals and insane bokeh shots.