boring little weekend

We've had a nice boring little weekend.  My main peeve is the fact that my laundry doesn't fold itself. Lame. 

The boys made a birthday card for Daddy with a little help from Mama. Little hands on an ink pad is always good fun....

And we had a birthday dinner at First Class Pizza. The dudes didn't eat any pizza but ate some of the chicken off of my barbecue chicken pizza. They think they're big guys now that they eat some of mama's food.  (Doesn't Julian look ornery in that picture? haha (bottom right))
And yes, he's wearing his frankenstein bib in December. We wear this stuff all year man. Halloween never ends.

And mama wore a some homemade pretties in her hair:
I like this purple and I don't care if it matches or not. I'm wearing my chrysanthemum earrings from Oh, Hello Friend I got from the Handmade Craft Fair a couple weekends ago. Love.

The Dudes decided to try on their winter hats (hats plus mittens at Old Navy for like, $6). They are so ready to go to Iowa for Christmas they even got out the big suitcase. Too bad their hands were too big for the mittens, but man these hats are cute.

And Mama did a little more crafting and whipped together this little wreath for our front door:
This is actually on the inside, it looks much cooler on the outside of the door (which is black) but the lighting is horrible out there. I think this turned out pretty well for my first one! 

Oh and while you're reading...don't forget to head over to The Paper Mama to vote for our holiday card (#10) in her Holiday Card Challenge. You only have to vote once and voting ends tomorrow! I'd love soem of the sweet prizes that are up for grabs :)


  1. very sweet birthday celebration for your man. julian looks like you so much in that ornery picture.

  2. The perfect weekend! My favorites are the weekends my husband and kiddo are home and we just hang out together - doing nothing in particular at all.

    I love your wreath! Care to put up a tutorial on how to make those beautiful flowers?

    Please come enter my Target GC giveaway this week!

    - Lauren

  3. Love the pictures of the boys in their hats! Iowa can't wait for them to get here!! I would LOVE to meet the boys when you are back. So if it works out to get together lets do it:)!!

  4. Jess-Uh Julian is SO ornery. And I'm pretty sure there's a picture of me when I was little where I made that exact same face...must look...

    Lauren- I'm totally heading over for the gift card give away! I'll see if I can get a tutorial up as well :)

    Katie- Let's meet up FOR SURE! I'll keep you posted when the time comes closer...and the weather cooperates!