Wordless[ish] Wednesday: On my desk

This is my messy desk this morning:
I have a lot going on.

Chikezie asked me to make a onesie with his NineLion logo. This is what I came up with. Plus his favorite color is orange so he very much liked this :)

Can you spot the owl I was working on last week? She's hiding in the mess :)

I finished these ornaments for our tree yesterday. I figure they're felt so if the boys get a hold of them at least they won't break or hurt anybody. 

Of course, I can't get it all done without caffeine. It's not really tea in there though...coffee today. I made this cup during college in Iowa City at a place called Fired Up. They have a huge selection of ceramics to paint and they fire and glaze them for you. I have many treasures from this place that I painted with some of my favorite people. The shop owners were so nice and they had a lab who would lay in the sun coming through the front windows or run around the shop making us all nervous with his happily wagging tail coming a little too close to all the breakables!
And yes, I drink from a bendy straw. It's just more fun that way.

I'd be lost without my knitting gauge. I rarely knit exactly according to any pattern and these help me make sure everything will be the right size. Most of the time though, I just make my own patterns :)

I suck at cutting hearts. It usually takes me a few tries before I get one I like.

What do you guys do with all your extra cords/chargers/usb cords/earbuds etc.? Ours are in a tangled mess in this little wood box...which I think is actually a pot from Ikea. We really  need a new system.

The super chunky and amazingly warm cowl I made this weekend. Ugh I want a whole bed made out of this yarn. I'll put this up in the shop soon!

Our like $1 stockings from last year that I will spruce up a little for this year. 

And of course under my desk is a basket full of my future creations. Love all these yummy colors!

If you don't feel like leaving any comments today, could you at least give me a couple clicks? I average like one vote a day with these little pleads. Am I not asking nicely enough? Are my posts sucking butt lately? Yeah, I know. Today's was a little on the boring side. Maybe tomorrow I'll add some "POW!"s and some "BAM!!"s. That might spice things up a little, no?
 I think the one vote a day is probably actually from myself...
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  1. i don't know why, but these pictures make me feel cozy.

  2. I love those ornaments! So perfect with little hands around!!

  3. Love your crafts! The ornaments are adorable!
    As for the cords... we have one of those over the door shoe organizers inside one of our closets, and all our cords, chargers etc. go in there. It's so nice because we never lose them, and there aren't any cords hanging around.