We're 8 months!

That's right, folks. We've been on the outside as long as we were on the inside. 

We've learned a lot in the past 8 months and we'll warn you now, we have lots of pictures to show off.

We are really good at sitting now. We sit in the big boy tub to take baths now. It's pretty much awesome.

We're also pretty good at army crawling. We thump pretty loud but don't worry. It doesn't hurt. We're tough.

What's that? You want a closer look at Isaiah's mouth?...you asked for it!

Told you he was getting some teeth!

Yeah, I don't have teeth yet but I'm still a stud. Look how cute I am. 

We eat a lot. 3 "meals" a day along with 4-5 9oz bottles. Sometimes we wake up at night, but usually it's just Isaiah, he's the fatty. Mom weighed us this morning and Julian is 21lbs and Isaiah is 22lbs. For being born 4 weeks early, we sure caught up fast...told you we eat a lot.

People always ask if we're going to get a hair cut any time soon. No way dude. We like our crazy hair just fine, thank you.

We get along for the most part...except for the hair pulling. 

Some days we just like to tell jokes and share a good laugh. For some reason, Julian is usually cracking up Isaiah.

Tickle fights happen on a daily basis. 

Sometimes, we like to get fancy and comb our hair. This is as "combed" as it gets.

The ladies are already lined up...

...because let's face it, you can't get much more manly than us.

Being 8 months old is the BEST! Too bad we can't be this big forever!

Now how about an 8 month birthday present? (And it doesn't even cost anything!)
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  1. You may possibly have the two cutest 8 month olds in the whole world... seriously.. They are adorable! :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! the cuteness definitely doesn't hurt when they start getting attitude LOL!

  3. Soooooooooooooooo cute!! Can't believe they are 8 months old already. They are such happy babies because you are such a great mama!

  4. omg such cuteness I just want to cuddle them both! I miss when Sae was this age and you got two! double snuggly goodness!

  5. i love how isaiah weighs the same as wyatt. dang, my kid is skinny!

    and don't cut their hair! i love the little fros!

  6. yea, put my boy on the scale today - 24 lbs! Your isaiah could probably kick my jack's little butt!

  7. They are SOO freakin adorable.


  9. I LOVE it! I think J and I are going to be passing Drake by very soon in the weight department. D better start eating if he wants to hold his own against your 2 boys!!

    They really are just SO stinkin' cute!!!

  10. holy smokes they're so friggin' cute!!