Two Toys, Two Boys...(video)

So this video is kind of long (and probably boring for most of you) but I thought it was funny and this is my blog so I'm posting it. If you feel like watching it all, be my guest!

Basically, the toy Isaiah is playing with is one that goes on the exersaucer that he was obsessed with and broke off, and now it's just a toy that they both like to chew on. Especially the bottom connector part, which really isn't even the toy part.

The toy Julian has is usually one they both LOVE and fight over. But for some reason, Julian hates it....until somebody else plays with it....

(Warning: I'm pretty much talking to them throughout the whole video so ignore my annoying talking or just turn the volume down.)

And no, we don't let the boys just sit on the table unassisted. Sometimes they sit up there with daddy's arms around them. So don't cry to me about it.


  1. (i watched the entire thing)

    it's awesome how their personalities are just blooming. i bet they're going to love to see this video when they're older. i wonder if they'll change much when they're older.

  2. They're completely surprising me with their personalities. For some reason I always thought Isaiah would be the one I needed to watch out for but as the days go by, Julian is the one that keeps me on my toes :)