Don't have much to say today.....Isaiah is teething. This time for REALZ. We see a little white starting to poke through on the bottom left. Needless to say he's being a completely different baby. Not to brag, but they really are VERY happy babies. The only time we get full out crying is when they're super hungry or someone hurts themselves. Today there has been a lot of crying from the poor little dude and at times all I can do is hold him because nothing else seems to work.

So, Mama duties come first :) I know you guys understand!

I know ya'll voted today (I did not because I'm not a fan of many of the candidates here in California and others I haven't had time to follow...and being an uninformed voter is worse than not voting). So anyways, since you're all into voting-how about a vote for us? We slip another spot lower every day :( I don't know what people do to get hundreds and hundreds of votes to be on the first page but man, I sure work hard for the votes I get!

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Thank youuuuuu.


  1. I hope it pops all the way through soon- we're still toothless around here, but since I lost my last baby tooth in my 20's, I'm not surprised!

  2. We love Hyland's Teething Tablets around here! I know they just got recalled, but they help take the edge off until the ibuprofen can kick in. If it's really bad, you can alternate ibuprofen and tylenol every three hours. I like the teething tablets, because they are homeopathic, so I'm not drugging up my kids. At the same time--I don't want them to be uncomfortable. Teething bites!

  3. Poor lovie. Pie is teething again, we're thinking the top two will be here any day and she's not happy about it!

  4. Thanks guys! We're not doing the teething tablets for now, just in case. However, I got an old favorite (from when my bros and sis were little) Orajel! I know it's not nearly as popular as other stuff but it is THE only thing I've ever seen make my boys stop crying. I haven't even noticed a difference with Tylenol or tablets before....let's hope today is better than yesterday!

  5. I forgot about Orajel! Nice. I say--do what works!