No Toys

I saw today on the Today Show that San Fransisco has voted to ban toys in happy meals that don't meet nutritional standards in an attempt to address the problem of childhood obesity. 

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They interviewed a few people on the news clip who were annoyed saying that it's not going to help the problem and it's up to the parents to chose the right things for their kids. 

Let's take a little looksie, shall we?
I found this on the CDC website regarding the obesity trends in 2009. 

So, according to Google public data in 2009 the population of California was 36,961,664 people. And according to this map, at a minimum, 20% of the population is obese. We're not talking about the skinny people who eat junk and still stay skinny. We're not even talking about those of us that are just overweight in general, we're talking about obese

This would mean that in 2009 there were about 7,392,332 obese Californians. And how do most of these people become obese? By making the wrong choices. Not always on purpose because so many people have no idea what things they're supposed to chose to eat over others. Some people think fast food is cheaper and more convenient. Some people eat it because it tastes good. Some people are addicted. The majority of us know it's bad for us and get it anyways.

I won't lie, I love me a good In 'n Out Burger on occasion. Sometimes it just sounds good! But let's face it, if we can't even make the right choices for ourselves, how are we making the right choices for our children as far as food goes? Of the 7,392,332 obese Californians, I highly doubt they're going to start giving their kids the healthy kids meals just because people are saying they should. 

And come on, you only get your kid the kid's meal because it's made specifically for kids and is marketed directly to them with the toys. Your kid would be ticked if he got a happy meal with no toy and often parents go back to get the toy if it's not in the meal! So if the toys are only in the healthier meals, wouldn't you be likely to pick those meals solely for the fact that there's a toy included..and now it's an added bonus, you know your kid is getting something healthier? (As healthy as McDonald's can be.)

People are crying about the government regulating even more now and trying to control even what we eat. Well, you know what, fine. They WON'T regulate anything anymore. We can all eat whatever crap we want forever, get as fat as we want, spend billions more in healthcare when we're all falling apart because of how fat we are and then we can complain even more about healthcare, and how we're losing our jobs (because we're too fat and tired and unhealthy and getting sick and crappy performance) and then start crying about the economy because we don't have any jobs....and then just continue this cycle with our kids.

Sounds like fun, right? Stupid government. Trying to help us lose weight and have healthier kids. If I want fat kids, I'll have fat kids.

That's all I have to say about that.


  1. When I was little I only wanted the happy meal because of the toys. :D

  2. I all for SMALLER government! However, getting Americans healthy is one area where I'm starting to not mind a little intervention. A healthy counrty would take care of sooo many health care issues, it would help kids in school, well, it would just be great. I believe there are a few issues with what the government sees as 'healthy' but I could go on for a while about that....the toy thing sure is a good start.