my favorite songs

Youtube is the best. I love listening to music that has no editing. Just talented people doing what they do best. These are my two favorite songs EVER and done acoustically. 

Adele: Right As Rain

Matisyahu: Thunder

Who has some good music recommendations for me??


  1. i love adele, and have never met anyone else who even knew who she was, let alone loved one (or any) of her songs. have you heard much about V V Brown? i really like her to, and shes just starting to become more known in the US. they had a show on MTV that had her on & i was super excited... i love when people i like that never have any exposure pop up.

  2. Oh I love matisyahu!!!! two songs that have been played a lot in our house are Jonsi ~ Pumpkin loves Sticks and Stones {Song on How to Train your Dragon} and Ray LaMontagne/The Pariah Dogs the Girls love Beg Steal or Borrow... hope you like 'em

  3. good songs! i love that crazy matisyahu 'king without a crown' song-- makes me feel like i could run forever. and of recent, i've been enjoying edward sharp and the magnetic zeros '40 day dream' ( and erykah badu's 'the healer'. good stuff.