love birds

"There is a very thin line between love...

                                                  ...and nausea."              Coming to America

I'm still working on these little guys. I think they need some clothes. Maybe a frame or two. We'll see what my brain can handle today. 

What do you think?

In other news I lost 4lbs last week? I don't know if that is good or not because it was so fast but I started counting my calories and was active enough to create calorie deficit each day. Seems to work and wasn't too difficult. No fancy pills. No weird diets. No serums or tricks to buy into. Just more calories out than in. 

In OTHER other news, the time change didn't mess us up. Dudes slept in till the same time they usually do so that's cool. I tried keeping them up later but they were tired at their normal time so we just went with it. It's funny how in the past I welcomed the time change but this year, I was just kind of annoyed. Now I'm tired an hour earlier and have to force myself to stay up an hour later. Oh well. 

Speaking of that...I'm sleepy. Boys are napping. Why am I still awake? 

Oh, and while I'm napping can you guys spare me a couple clicks? I'd like to get back to the top 50 and every day I'm slipping farther away! I'd love a sweet surprise when I wake up :)
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Why thank you :)

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  1. Cute little owls!!! love the little moustache... he he he!

  2. Those are some precious little owls!

    I never know why I'm awake during my little one's nap time.
    It's between a rock and a hard place, because there's so much to be done but then again such a nice nap to be taken!

  3. These are super cute! <3


  4. The owls look great! Congrats on the weight loss! Love the header of your blog too. Thanks for playing along with us over at Manic Monday.

  5. GO YOU! 4LBS! I have been telling myself to cut calories and creat a deficit for weeks...but the hardest part is starting! Plus I hate vegetables, so that don't help!

  6. I love your blog! Especially the mustaches....

    And your owls are adorable.