I'm a Zombie

First off, I'm surprised I'm even still alive after last night. Let's talk about NO sleep. I usually go to bed way before Chikezie so he gets the baby monitor and baby duty until he comes to bed. Nothing usually happens in this time but it's easier for me to fall asleep when I'm not worrying if I heard the monitor or not.

Last night Chikezie came in and woke me up, gave me Isaiah to feed (I don't know what time it was) and then went to sleep next to me! What the heck husband!? So whatever, I fed him and put him in his little bed in our room because he was still half awake and I didn't want him waking Julian in their room. Isaiah woke up a couple times after that randomly fussing and I had to get up to give him his paci and he was better. Not a big deal but it was still interrupting my sleep. Well, Julian woke up around 3:30 to eat and pretty much went back to sleep afterward. 

But the worst...WORST, was some stupid road crew on the freeway by our house. We live like, a few hundred yards from the road and at night it's generally pretty quiet. It literally sounded like there was a semi outside our apt for 2 hours. The engine would rev up and then go down again, then you'd hear beeping (like the backing up beeping). This went on for like 2 hours. I was SO pissed off. And exhausted. Everyone else in my house was fast asleep. Jerks. If I'm awake, everyone else should have been awake and hearing what I was hearing LOL. It sounded like someone was vacuuming in the room next to me all night. NO SLEEP. 

I LOVE playing with my new camera. I take it everywhere in hopes of finding something cool to photograph. Or to be the papperazi for the dudes. (Mainly the latter.) But, that's one of the reasons we wanted a good camera; to have great pictures of the boys' childhood and capture as much as we can of their every day growing and learning and exploring. 

The other day I took the camera with me on our walk to the mall. It was gorgeous out and these pictures all turned out SO cute. Good lighting and lots of colors. 

Isaiah After. He thinks he's a model or something. Look at those cute lips! Ugh I'm so jealous. I have tiny lips. They totally got their daddy's lips and I'm just fine with that :)

Sweet Shot Day  Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Where is this you might ask? At the mall. Yeah the mall we live by is ridiculous. 


And I know I already posted this picture and I already posted a picture of Isaiah but I seriously just love this:

I'm entering it to the Pixel Perfect Photo Contest, theme is "innocence of a child". He just looks so sweet in this picture. The furrowed eyebrows, thinking eyes. I think he was watching the kids on the carousel. And then there's the sweet curls. *swoon*

And then my favorite parts:
Baby feet and toes. Julian LOVES Isaiah's toes. And hair. But a picture of him pulling Isaiah's hair isn't nearly as cute :)



  1. oh my god, those last two pictures make my heart melt a little...

  2. ok seriously? I love the lips and piggies in the last too. GORGEOUS! sorry about the sleep though, that sucks.

  3. I hope you get more sleep tonight. I love your edit!

  4. we've been having pretty sleepless nights here too :( the worst is when i just get h to sleep and then a firetruck drives by with its siren on. we live on a side street...shouldn't there be some law where they can't blast their horn when they aren't on a main street and there aren't any cars in the way?

  5. Isaih is SO cute. Oh my heart. Seriously. I just want to hug him! What beautiful pictures with perfect editing. I am so loving that sepia edit. Pretty as can be! And I LOVE your mall. Get out of the city! That is so pretty!

    Congratulations on getting a new camera. What a great reason: to capture your boys childhood. I love that. Here is to wishing you many happy captures. Love, Becky

    PS I absolutely LOVE your blog header. That really made me smile!

  6. Lovely pictures of the twins, that last one is just great.

  7. These are so sweet. I love your edit. Great job. That last picture is so cute!

  8. oh those feet are killin' me! too cute!

  9. they are just so cute. seriously.

  10. Haha thanks guys :) They're going to look back someday and be like, MOM ... WHY did you take so many pictures of us??