homemade holiday decor

I'm all about making decorations for my house apartment for the holidays. For one, it helps me get into the festive mood and here where it doesn't snow, I need all the help I can get. (along with listening to holiday music nonstop, turning the ac down a few notches, sipping on hot cocoa and burning apple cinnamon candles all day) 

And for two, it's way cheaper than buying this stuff brand new. And for three, I think it's cuter and totally my style.

Anyways. Here is some of the holiday decor I've been brewing up:

This huge frame cost me $4 at Goodwill....and we all know felt is basically free. 

I was originally going to remove the wire hangy thing in the middle but decided to leave it. You can't even tell it's there can you? When Christmas is over I'll find some other fun little thingies to hang in this frame.

Another felt creation. I also utilized candy canes (as you can see in the background). Another cheap decoration that also serves as a sugary treat when you're in the mood :) Yes please.

We don't have a mantle or anywhere low to hang our stockings, so I pin them to the wall. These stockings were like $2 at Target and I'm stitching our initials on each one. I suppose I could put something else on the open white part. I'll probably save that for next year. I like these basic stockings, they look kind of vintage to me. 

I still don't know what to do with this wreath so I just stuck it in our entry way hall. I'll probably make some felt poinsetta flowers and maybe a yarn string to hang it from a hook. This bulb wreath cost me probably $5 to make. I used 5 tubes of the mini holiday bulbs from the front $1 section at Target. I just hot glued them to a cardboard circle covered in gray felt (incase I missed any sections at least it would blend in.) This took me like 45 minutes to do. Looks fairly fancy I think.

This little bow really wasn't intended to be a decoration. I knitted it and attached it to a bobby pin for my hair. Chikezie thought I looked like Betty Boop (I don't get it). So to make him happy I took it out of my hair and put it the first place I could think of that the boys wouldn't mess with it. I'll probably be taking it back off the tree for my hair sometime soon because I think it's stinkin' cute and husbands don't know anything. 

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