November 28, 2010

Holiday Card Challenge

Well, we took a series of pictures this weekend of the dudes by the tree....I correct myself, we tried to take pictures of them.  It was quite the task, in which mama and daddy subjected themselves to ridiculous faces and noises just in the name of babies sitting still smiling not killing each other.

I have about 80,000 outtakes to share with ya'll tomorrow. But for now, here are a couple of the good ones that I decided to enter into The Paper Mama 2010 Holiday Card Challenge.

The Paper Mama

Enjoy. (These photos took a lot of work LOL)

Disclaimer: I did not feed my (almost) 9 month old boys candy canes. The wrappers were still fully on and we only gave them the candy canes in hopes they'd sit still for a minute. They were watched the whole time (to make sure they didn't break any pieces off or no plastic came loose) and the candy canes were promptly taken away once they were no longer necessary for the pictures. 


  1. Ah! Love it! That has to be the cutest holiday photo card I've ever seen. The synchronized candycane nibbling is awesome!

  2. They thought they were pretty cool when we gave them candy canes. I thought it would just get them to sit still at least. Good thing the wrappers were still on!

  3. great card! i know it's been forever since i commented but i promise i'm not dead. :) the boys are getting so big! and i really liked your home-made decorations.

    <3, Alex

  4. Such a cute card. Your family are going to love getting that through the post.

  5. so cute! looks like they enjoyed those candy canes. my little one doesn't like it so much. great card!

  6. This is so cute and cracks me up! I love it!

  7. So cute...what a sweet card, love this!

  8. So cute! Martina T.


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