So yeah...

Sorry I haven't been around! Let's just say my "computer crashed" and I'm "pissed off" and want to "break something".  Good thing Chikezie has a laptop, too. 

I'm hoping I can still get everything off of my computer aka photos and videos of the boys since birth. I saved everything in Picasa but don't know it'll all still be there.  
(Please, no lectures about backing things up, I know.) 

So now I'm just trying to coordinate my life for the holidays. This time of year is craziness. I probably won't post for the next couple days but I'll see you all next week :)

Sympathy vote? I could use some...
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  1. OH NO! That sucks! I'm sure everything is still saved in your picasa (happy thoughts, happy thoughts). I back up all my stuff with mozy it's 5 bucks a month and it backs up files automatically.