Flashback Friday: Mama Moments

Chikezie really has captured lots of great moments of my motherhood on his iphone. Since my computer is dunzo I found lots of pictures on Chikezie's computer that I haven't seen or it's been a long time since I have seen. I thought I'd share some of my favorite mommy moments from daddy's perspective. 

car shopping with Chikezie's brother and mom....I felt like death that day. Little did I know I was probably pregnant.

my little tiny baby bump (probably around 12 weeks) I thought it was huge!

getting ready for date night with my hubby. I look pretty skinny so I must not have been far along :) I loved the beginning of my pregnancy. I didn't have any morning sickness, I was still relatively small and my boobs were enormous. Ahhh those were the days.

Looking at ultrasound pics of the boys trying to decide if they were boys or girls (around 14 weeks) and I think we had some clues that they were little dudes.

Listening to some Bob Marley with my boys.

Ready to head out for my 25th birthday dinner. I was around 17 weeks pregnant. 

I don't know when this was but I love this picture. I was pointing to a rainbow over our apartment and as we can see I was a big mama.

Mama and baby Isaiah.

It must have been a long night....

groovin with the dudes.

Date Night with daddy. Dinner and a movie :)

night trip to the grocery store = very tired dudes

baby in a pouch

getting wound up before bed.

a picnic in the park on halloween.


  1. wow, i freaking love these. definitely my favorites are the one with you on the balcony (frame worthy) and you shopping for detergent. honestly, i love the detergent one best. it's such a cute moment in time.

  2. aawwww, that was fun! love the pointing-at-rainbow one too. Definitely frameable.

  3. You have captured some lovely memories there. The Dudes are progressing well (I haven't stopped by in a while) and you are still sane. All is goood :)