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Check out the new banner. I thought I'd spruce things up a little for the upcoming holidays. 

Oh and if you haven't yet, get the new button action on the side.

Today's Flashback Friday is from a few years ago:

Family picture with my Mom and the trips. My little sister's hair was so long! We were very much squishing my mom which is probably why we're all laughing. For as awkward as this picture is, I love it! Along with this picture was a series of pictures of everyone falling off the top, I wish I could find them! 

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You know it's true. Everything I do...I dooo it fooor youuuuuuu. (kind of) 


  1. ADORE your new header!!! Like seriously, SO MUCH.

  2. this seriously reminds me of awkward family photos dot com! hahaha i love that site! it's awesome that you guys did this. you'll always look back on it and laugh.

  3. I love the stockings...very festive!

  4. Hi Kristy here from the boy named after a car, Just wanted to let you know I am already following your blog, Thanks for following mine. Your boys are adorable I love their hair.

  5. I'd hate to be the one on bottom holding all the weight, haha. Funny pictures though. I bet it makes you smile :)