brotherly love

We actually took these the morning of Halloween. I think Chikezie took them while I tried to get the boys to even look relatively in the same direction. They're a little blurry but I absolutely loved this morning. My boys just having a giggling good time after breakfast and one mama and daddy completely in love with their creations. 

morning smiles

That's not drool coming from Julian's mouth.... 

My favorite! We learned quickly we can't put Julian in the back because there was lots of hair pulling and screaming. Isaiah stayed fairly nice to his brother :)

Sweet Shot Day

Oh and because they're teething...we've been having our fair share of alcohol in this house. We tried out new beer brewed in San Diego this weekend. Woodie Gold. Num numz.



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  1. Your boys are adorable! It's so fun to watch twins together, life long buddies!

  2. Look at all that hair - they are adorable!

  3. yeah, i always give my son alcohol when he's teething too.

  4. bahahaha I was wondering if anyone would get that! I give 'em both a beer each and they're quiet all night!

  5. WOW! WHAT CUTIE PIES they are!!!!!!!!!