because I can

I just want to post some pics I was messing with tonight. Because I can :)

I only have 2 of Julian because the kid doesn't sit still.

And Isaiah thinks he's a model....

How jealous are you of those eyelashes? Why don't I have them? 

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PhotoStory Friday
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  1. omg look at them both and yes I am very jealous of their lashes! not fair I have short stubby ones. I also love those big beautiful eyes!

  2. I love their curls! I so hope my son has curly, dark hair and long lashes as well. Guess I'll find out soon.

  3. Oh my! I just love them! They are so handsome! Great photos! Cute blog!

  4. Wow, they are so adorable. Super cute captures. Thanks for linking.

  5. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! From looking at your header, I know exactly what editing site you used, which is my FAVE FAVE FAVE!!! Nice job!!! :)

  6. What sweet boys:) Love a good head of curly baby hair!