babies have hobbies, too

Just because they're babies doesn't mean they don't have hobbies...

 Isaiah has mastered crawling (army style), and has figured out how to transition from sitting to crawling and back. His new hobby is sitting in random places of the apartment. Like under the table.

Along with the sitting, he's decided to take up climbing. I also think he's contemplating taking up XBOX.

Because Julian's new hobby is following Isaiah around the apartment and torturing him (crawling on top of him and yanking his hair) he has spent lots of time taking up various hobbies in his exersaucer. Here you can see Isaiah climbing on the exersaucer as well. What you do not see is Isaiah climbing this thing later in the evening,  it turning and him falling to the floor thus bonking his head pretty hard. (Another hobby of his.)

Isaiah has also decided to suck his thumb between each bite of food. He does not suck his thumb any other time but between each bite, before even swallowing. This results in his absolute FAVORITE of hobbies, covering everything around him in slobbery food.

Julian's hobby has remained constant: blowing massive spit bubbles. Especially while eating. Good thing we have pockets in our bibs! 

And of course...looking innocent is always a good hobby. (And he is proving lately to be anything BUT)

Wordish Wednesday


  1. dang, your kids have a lot of hobbies.

  2. Oh Pie has that last hobby too. She looks all sweet and innocent, but it's usually right before she tries to yank your hair out.

  3. Oh man, Leyton sucks his hands after every bite too. He ends up with so much food all over EVERYTHING!