Documentaries and Vegan Brownies!

And as usual...I didn't take a nap. (Just in case anybody is wondering.)

I'm watching a couple documentaries instead. 

An expose about the movie rating board that decides how movies are rated either R or NC-17. I find this pretty interesting. Four times as many movies are rated NC-17 for sex purposes than are movies rated NC-17 for violence. We can watch violence against women in a rated R movie, but a couple in love with a realistic sex scene is NC-17. 
To be honest, I'd rather my teenage boys see movies depicting love and sex over violence and killing. 
Just my opinion. 
To form your own opinions-you can watch this for free on Netflix!

Also watched:
I love watching documentaries that force us to look at our food system and how we eat. This film delves into basic illnesses etc. that are caused by our overly processed diets. It discusses what simple changes and additions of vitamins and fresh fruits and veggies to our diet can do for our bodies and overall wellbeing. Also decal systems and their disregard for simple nutrition in favor of prolves into the healthcare and pharmaceutifits and monopolies. 

Anyways. Two good documentaries. On Netflix.

You guys can come on over to my house to watch if you wish. I just made some of my lovely and delicious vegan brownies. Here's the recipe(They taste just as good if not better than regular brownies, I promise.) 

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