time to bust out the needles

So I recently discovered Ravelry.com....the knitter/crocheter's dream. Endless patterns and many of them are free. 

I've saved up quite a few patterns to my favorites and now I just need to get to knitting (and/or crocheting).

Here are some of my absolute LOVES.

Cutest bib EVER. I know it's just for drool but come on...

Um, yes please. These colors are amazing.

This slouch hat looks SO easy. And you can get really creative with the colors.

I love this little flower! It totally makes the hat.

Ok, this is WAY more advanced than I can do but I heart this. 

Do I get this cute baby too?

Chikezie does NOT care what we do to our room...sooo....

This is probably the hippest baby blanket I've ever seen.

The boys would LOVE climbing on this.

How cute would the boys look in these matching sets??

Ok I need to stop looking and start making.
What do you guys think I should make first? Cast your vote and I'll start creating!

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  1. Oh yeah! Those are ALLLLLLLL so cute! Get to knitting! Can't wait to see all of those! That baby blanket is the best.

  2. i was going to tell you exactly which ones i liked best, but then as i kept scrolling i realized i loved all of it. my favorite is probably the slouch hat and the big poof thing. but i also was pretty crazy for those blankets. i wish i knew how to knit!

  3. You MUST link to the bear hats. I love 'em! And if they are crocheted, then I will force my mom to make them for me. :)

  4. How will you pick??? Everything is gorgeous. I like the slippers, but for now I'm on a sock kick so maybe I have a foot fetish! Post what you make, can't wait to see.