Thankful on a Thursday

Today I'm thankful for:
  • Caffeine. It's always there for me. It always does the trick. Reliable. Dependable. Yummy. 
  • My jogging stroller. Even though it's difficult to fit through some doorways I still LOVE it. I can see my boys perfectly, the sun panel adjusts, the seats lay back, the back is mesh  so there's always good circulation. That thing is pimped out.
  • I'm thankful that the Dudes are SO well behaved when we go anywhere. Today we walked to through the mall and I didn't get a peep from anybody. They love watching people/things. They love outdoors. I can be gone for 2 hours and they won't say anything. With twins that is a total blessing!
  • A husband who works his hiney off so that I am able to stay home to raise the Dudes. Money is tight, days are long, sometimes I get worn out. On those days I just remember that I am not missing a single second of this. How AWESOME.
  • Cheese. Specifically Deli style American cheese. I could eat the whole thing. 
  • The Ellen Show. Every day she makes me laugh..pure and simple. 
  • That I can make the Dudes stop crying by dancing for them. I probably look silly, but that's the point, right? They look at me with big grins every time I dance. 
  • Fall. I love fall. Even though here in the sunny OC we don't quite get fall like I'm used to, I still make the best of it. Some days I turn the AC down just a little more, so I can wear a sweatshirt and drink my coffee warm instead of iced. 
Oh, and then there's these:

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Great list. I agree with all of it.'s a good reminder for me about staying home with the girls. It is a blessing, but man - the days can get long!!! But it is such joy to watch their lives unfold before our eyes!! LOVE caffeine too!

  2. i WISH my jogger was as lovely as yours. i've given up on that piece of crap!

    I'm thankful for good thursday night tv shows (vampire diaries!) and spending time with my hubby. Thursdays always make me feel like it's friday because the week is winding down.

  3. Oh my goodness, your boys are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. i'm thankful to be able to always read something interesting from you!

    and yes, your boys are amazingly adorable and well behaved. they always seem so happy.

  5. Kudos to your hubby! Ellen is hilarious, but I can only imagine the boys laughing at you dancing! How funny! (My nephew gets embarrased when my sister sings or dances-he is only 4!)

  6. Fall is LOVE. Fall means pumpkins, Thanksgiving and BLACK FRIDAY!!!

    And your dudes? They're gorgeousness :)