October 5, 2010

Share the Love

I love blogging. Mainly because of all the amazing women (and some guys) I've met through this blog. You all inspire and support me exactly when I need it. Even though lots of us have never met, sometimes kind words of support and love are just what the doctor ordered. 

Those of you who are mothers-you encourage me. Those of you who are photographers, crafters, writers, anything else-ers- you inspire me. Those of you who just want to share your lives with the world- you entertain me :) 

I just want you all to know how much all your support and love mean to me. 

I also want you guys to know I've posted an Inspiration page for all of you who "follow" me. I'm trying to work my way through my lists of you guys to make sure I read all of your blogs but I got lost somewhere in the middle of the list and want to make sure you're all listed on that page. 

SO, leave a comment here with either your blog link or your button link if you want your button on that page. I think you all deserve to be there and want you all to be represented. Plus it will give me another chance/reminder to get to your page if I haven't been there recently. 

I'm ready to fill up that page with love!


  1. First off, it's kinda ridiculous how cute your boys are! I mean cute doesn't even begin to describe how off the charts adorable they are!

    And second, you blog rocks! For sure add a tutorials tab to your blog! I would love to have a quick link that takes me to all your fab projects!

    And third, I am in love with your clever blog header!!!


  2. Awesome, I'm going to go check out all the ones you have listed! It's always fun to add more to my follow list :)


  3. What a great place to keep track of all your favorite blogs. :( I didn't make the cut. But I'm off to check out some of these other bloggers that I haven't met yet.

  4. Ashley! I was trying to get your button up there-you KNOW you're one of my faves..however I couldn't find your button ANYWHERE on your blog? Am I blind?

  5. Oh wow what an awesome way to keep your blogs. Your on my list of blogs as well. Plus you have now given me a bunch of new bloggers to check out!


  6. I am excited to check out some of these other blogs! Thanks for sharing the love :)


  7. ah, you're so sweet to share the love. my button is kinda lame, but here it is!

  8. i love the idea of an "inspiration" page. i've been toying with something similar - adding blog buttons to my links page which is all resources right now. :)


  9. oh, i missed this somehow! i grabbed your button. mine's on my sidebar :) thanks for sharing the love!

  10. love your new button! just updated my favorite blogs page with it! :)

  11. Great idea, I finally got around to making a button so I would love for you to add me!
    I couldn't put the button on here for some reason so I will put my page link anyway


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