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Many women enter into pregnancy having no idea about what will happen to their bodies after babies. What do you look like after the baby comes out? Well, your body will shrink back to normal, that's for sure. But many people aren't prepared for what they're left with in the weeks following baby.

I found a couple pictures yesterday that I had originally deleted but decided to save. 

How many weeks pregnant am I in this picture??

I'm am 1 week..POSTPARTUM. 

Some women walk out of the hospital in the pants they wore pre-pregnancy. (*cough cough* my mom ...after TRIPLETS) Some women can even wear their own pants a couple months after baby. Well, my body didn't do what a lot of people's tummies do. There are so many emotions running through a new mother, and it can be a little depressing or shocking to see yourself in the mirror when you get home from the hospital. Your body is now suddenly something completely different. What was once this beautiful, full baby house full of life and possibility is now a saggy, abandoned, thoroughly used up house. 

Now that it's not serving this beautiful purpose, it doesn't seem as beautiful anymore. Nobody ever tells you about this. And no women dare ever take a photo of it. We're ashamed and embarrassed. Why? The body does some amazing things. 

Now, my belly is almost back to normal. But for those of you who haven't had kids or think you felt fat after babies...we all do. We all have those moments thinking, will I ever look better? Will I always be like this? 

It does get better. Some women aren't blessed to get immediate shrinkage. I was not that blessed...and I'm glad I could document this stage in my life. Maybe not the most glamorous, but definitely real. And truthful. And honest. That makes it beautiful. 

If this is what I needed to look like to bring two beautiful, healthy, amazing little men into this world, then I'd do it again 100 times over. 


  1. Right there with you, even though I am envious of how some women look after pregnancy I do't care. they didn't get to take my munchkin home. I wore my belly proudly for a little longer than most because it was definitely worth it.

  2. Well, I think you are beautiful and brave and strong. I think that your boys are handsome and cute and precious but most importantly, they are clearly loved.

    Thanks for being so honest! it's a breath of fresh air.

    Have a fabulous weekend :-)

  3. I think you're so cool & incredibly brave for posting this! I know with my first child, I was absolutely mortified by how much excess skin I had just hanging & flapping in the wind.

  4. I am glad I didn't take pics post-partum. It was depressing. It took me 5-6 months to fit into my old pants. You are brave...thanks for sharing!

  5. I want to thank you so much for posting this! My stomach is way saggier than it was pre-babies, and covered in stretch marks. It makes me feel ugly, sometimes. But knowing that other women have the same issues helps. Thanks again for sharing and being so honest.


  6. Thanks ladies. I don't think there's any reason to be depressed about your body post baby. It's not like you were just eating junk food and letting yourself go with no babies in there. Our bodies were doing an important job and well, there was just a big mess to clean up after the party! I just like to look at these pictures because I'm amazed at how much it's all shrunk and how amazing the human body really is!

    And that women of all sizes have body issues..and hopefully someone can relate.

  7. awesome post! you know, i wasn't instantaneously back to my pre-pregancy weight either. now, i didn't have TWINS so your case is a little more extreme, but it's taken me several months to get back. and even now, i'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and yet my body is so different. i'm in bigger jeans at this weight than i was at this weight before i had a baby (does that make sense?). anyway, having a babie(s) does a number to your body! and you totally rock for doing it times 2! oh man, you deserve a medal. fo serious.

  8. Great post. I think perhaps I was one of those women whose stomach went almost back to normal right after I gave birth, admittedly I had a preemie so I also missed stretchmarks on my stomach as in my family we get them usually around week 37.

    Before anyone starts hating me, my post partum butt was quite a different matter. I must have put every ounce my pregnancy weight in there. For the pregnancy and a long time afterwards I swear I must've looked like my butt was pregnant!

    Now that I'm back to a half decent weight, 3 years later, i find that my hips are still wider and i can't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes and probably never will. My butt is still huge. c'est la vie. At least it's comfier to sit down.

  9. Pie's birth mother looked like she had never been pregnant by the next day...that just seemed wrong t me!!

  10. you're amazing. i wish i had taken more pictures of the post-partum squishy belly. the body is such an amazing thing & it's refreshing to see someone rocking how awesome pregnancy is like you!

  11. I don't think I took any pictures of my belly after....I was a little ashamed of my squishy-stretch marked belly!! Now I have came to terms with the fact there is nothing I can really do about the stretch marks...instead I respect them because I got the most beautiful baby girl out of my pregnancy!!