Sorry, this is going to be random. Just warning you. 
  • I got Eat Pray Love (the book) on sale at Target today and think I'm going to start reading it later this afternoon. I saw the movie and loved it and heard the book was better, so I'm going to try it out.
  • Isaiah head butted me in the throat 20 minutes ago and my esophagus feels like it's going to collapse. Good feeling. 
  • I would like  DSLR for my birthday (Sunday). Please and thank you. 
  • I really want to take the boys to the pumpkin patch this weekend to take some cute pictures and get a few pumpkins. I hear it's supposed to rain on Sunday though and Saturday for a good part of the day we'll be watching football. (I know my priorities LOL) 
  • I'm watching Toddlers and Tiaras right now on Netflix and am SO creeped out. There's something wrong with making little girls think they need to have fake teeth/eyelashes/makeup/tan/hair/smiles/movements to look pretty and be considered a winner. And we wonder where these teen girls with body/confidence issues come from? They say they judge the girls on personality? This all just creeps me out.
  • I have a very dry patch of skin on my right ankle. Isaiah and especially Julian have the same exact thing on their ankles. What the heck? I've just noticed it and now it's really bugging me. The boys have had theirs for a long time but now I have one. I have no idea how to get rid of it either-no amount of lotion/moisturizer works. Could it be exima? Isn't it weird we all have it in the same exact spot?
  • The dudes now know how to give kisses :) They only do it sometimes, but if I make kissy lips close to their face, they'll slowly lean their face in and slobber on me. Kind of nasty, but cute nonetheless.

And finally, presenting Julian's new talent:
Stuffing over sized toys into his little mouth:

I guess if I entered him into a pageant this could be his talent. 


  1. Such a little cutie and what talent! :)
    My boys get those dry patches too when the weather changes seems to be when i notice it more.. Have you tried aquaphor? It works wonders for everything from chapped lips to dry skin..

  2. agree! toddlers in tiaras = creepy. those little girls lose the sweet innocence about em'.

    your boys would totally win!

  3. Jennifer-I HAVE tried aquaphor...actually on my ankle right now. It doesn't help with the boys. The dry patch wins every time. And in my ankle, I've been using it a few times a day for the past few days and it's still dry as ever. Like I didn't even put anything on it!

  4. I LOVED Eat,Pray,Love ( the book and movie).
    And I wrote a FB status about toddlers and tiaras being creepy, and my old college roomie messaged me saying her daughter was on next season... It was horribly awkward! However, I still hold to the creepiness. :)

  5. That kinda sucks... Sorry! That's the only thing i know of that helps around here.. Hope you guys find something!