Pumpkin Patch

Well, it's that time of year, and because it was finally not raining for the first time in literally 10 days ...we went to the pumpkin patch! (As much as I absolutely LOVE rain, in the sunny Orange County of California, we don't get much rain. And that many days in a row. I'm turning into a pale vampire who hisses and burns in the bright light of the sun.)

Anyways. Pumpkin Patch.

Obviously we took lots of pictures. Well, Chikezie took lots of pictures. I just tried to save our children's lives because ever 8 seconds they'd be picking up shards of wood off the ground and trying to eat them. Awesome! 

So, here are some pictures from the Dudes' first encounter with pumpkins. 

First we walked around and looked at everything. We took the boys to some corn stalks and let them crunch the leaves in their hands. 
[Mama and her boys, in front of the crunchy corn stalks.]

Then we found a giant pile of white pumpkins. Isaiah preferred orange.
[Isaiah inspecting his pumpkin. Julian just chilllin]

There was just so much going on and so much to look at the pumpkin patch!
[Isaiah loving the pumpkins and Julian inspecting which wood chips he'd like to eat.]

[Isaiah decided to inadvertently tell us how he REALLY felt about all these pictures.]

[Isaiah helping Mama pick out her pumpkin.]

I think Julian was having some kind of allergy to something there, because most of the trip he had squinty eyes and looked like he was going to sneeze:
[Hands off ladies. That hot Daddy is allll mine.]

And by the end of the pumpkin patch adventure, both boys' personalities truly started to show. I'm so happy about this because they are usually silent when we go anywhere. Isaiah decided to let loose though:
[Isaiah squealing and screeching in delight at all the pumpkiny goodness.]

And Julian stayed true to his inquisitive and explorer self:
[Baby J debating on whether to suck on the pumpkin or eat the wood shards around him.]

It was a great fall adventure at the pumpkin patch. We all have our own pumpkins and Chikezie and I look forward to carving ours this week. These little family outings bring so much joy to my soul. These are the times that we begin traditions. These are the pictures the boys will see when they're in their twenties, along with a series of pictures each year of a tradition we started when they were just little dudes.

Being a mama is the best.

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  1. How cute! You have some super fun angles!! Love the white pumpkins and the one of the "baby birdie"! Ha!

  2. Love the pictures! i have still not made it to the pumpkin patch must go this week! I agree with you, I love making new memories and traditions, things our kids will look back on with love when they are older.

  3. looks like a blast :) i love the little flower in your hair... you are one cute mama!

  4. your blog looks so great! anyway, i love those chubby cheeks they have! it must be so awesome for you to notice the differences between the two. you have such a beautiful family.

    and i vote whenever you ask! seriously...

  5. You've got a couple of cute little pumpkins in that patch!

  6. Gorgeous boys, gorgeous mama, gorgeous daddy!

    Pie did the same thing with the pumpkins/hay/etc when we went a few weeks ago. The whole adventure was about what she could eat :)