Please :)

So, just as I made it into the top 100 they reset all the votes at Top Baby Blogs. I worked so HARD to get there! I'm kind of bummed I'm back to zero now :(

I don't have any new cutsie pictures to get you to vote for us. 

I'll just ask nicely.

If you really do enjoy reading my blog (as I'm guessing you follow the blog for a reason!) Tell me thank you by voting. 

We Are A Top Baby Blog

And you can vote once daily. 

And if you leave me a comment, I'll return the favor.

The more votes, the higher the ranking, the more people we can connect with and share our stories with. 


  1. voted! vote back? ; )

  2. I totally voted! I love your blog and your babies are adorable! :)

  3. thanks! i voted for you an hour ago! it was through your blog that i learned of the reset and i was like, "OH NO!" ha!

  4. voted for ya!! hit me back? :)