the past couple days

Well, my mom had knee surgery today. She tore her ACL coaching volleyball a month or more ago. She's continued to work (for the post office) over the past weeks, walking on it with a brace, carrying heavy mail bags and delivering mail on her bad knee. With the injury to her knee she's noticed more pain in a previous ankle sprain that didn't fully heal so she's been in PT for that as well... It sucks being so far away from home at times like this. I'd love to be there to visit her (especially with the boys). 

*I do know her surgery went well but the docs said there was lots of damage...that's all I know so far.*
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she has a speedy and healthy recovery!

So-to keep my mind off worrying about my mom-here's a few random shots from our fun past couple days.

Wednesday night we enjoyed giggling and playing in the boys' room for awhile. We also learned Julian will suck on almost everything, including Daddy's hair. 

Brothers have been army crawling everywhere. They always just end up following each other around, eventually climbing on each other and then eventually somebody gets stuck or hurt.

We spent lots of time outdoors and aren't naps outside on a sunny warm day the best?

The warm fall breeze and some diffused sun rays on your head make the perfect recipe for an afternoon nap. 

And last night we carved pumpkins for the first time! Julian was right up in all the action. Isaiah had fun sucking on the top of the pumpkin I'd cut off. I don't know if it's bad or good for him or what but I figured it's just a pumpkin!

And then Daddy carved his first pumpkin EVER! I can't believe he hasn't ever done this before. 

And he was thoroughly grossed out by the "gutting" process lol.

And of course, our finished products. My owl only has one cyclops eyeball because I was in a hurry with babies crawling all over me and messed up. 
Chikezie's lion is pretty darn good for his first time, right? I love my creative husband :)


  1. dang, those are pretty much amazing. and you have such a nice house.

  2. I'm pretty much a professional pumpkin carver. Except for the fact that I used a pattern and I screwed up the eyeballs. Basically a professional.

    And ugh- our apt. is WAY too much money. We're moving out asap. It is really nice but a little too cookie-cutter for us.

  3. your boys are so cute! i'm so excited to do this with my husband this year. he's from senegal in northwest africa and has never carved a pumpkin either.

  4. Aw Steph you and your hubby are so cute-I have no idea WHY Chikezie hasn't carved a pumpkin..he was born and raised here in the US lol. Maybe his Mom and Dad just never got into it.

  5. I got to tell you, those boys are gorgeous! Such a happy little family. Happy Halloween!