New Knits!

Well, I figured it was time to start whipping up some knits for fall and winter. I'm a little sad I'd probably sweat to death wearing this here during the winter, I figured I'd make some for everyone else to enjoy.

So, here is the first of some new knitting projects I'm working on and are up for grabs in my 

I'm seriously obsessed with this color lately.

It can be a hood if it gets extra blustery out!

Or to cover your nose and mouth when the air is so cold it hurts to breathe. (You Midwest people know what I'm talking about!)

Or it can be just be like a scarf to add to your daily wardrobe! 

Go get it! OR message me if you want a specific color :)

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  1. Wicked cute, but I'm afraid I'd sweat my butt off in it down here in South Louisiana too.
    and I do love the color!

  2. Love it!!! The color is so rich and perfect for this time of year as well.

  3. Aw wow! I'm still trying to master sewing, but once that's done I really want to be able to knit! Gorgeous colour too!