My Boys

When I came back to the apartment after working out on Friday night this is what I found:

All of my boys, sitting together playing. Well, daddy playing video games but all my boys nonetheless.
So cute.

Julian kept grabbing Isaiah's shoulders and rocking back and forth (he loves throwing his big head back and forth when he's happy)

It's little things like this that make life so sweet.


  1. Awe so cute. Their smiles in the first photo are adorable.

  2. I LOVELOVELOVE that photo of your family! You really should blow that up for the wall. Your boys are flat-out adorable and you can tell your husband a blogger thinks he is gorgeous if you think it wouldn't go to his head...

  3. Your boys are both so darn adorable!!

  4. that is the cutest! and totally something i would come home to too! silly guys!

  5. I once returned home to find all my family playing/watching/dancing (and in the feline case, sleeping) to Guitar Hero. Bliss.