Mama's Green Week

Over the years, I've been passed many little tid-bits of green knowledge that I keep with me today. There are also lots of things I've learned and picked up on my own which I'll share as well. 

Here's my mission this week: 

Each day I'm going to share some more green tips from different aspects of my life. 

One day this week, I want you to post about green tips you use in your own household, and then link up with my "Mama Goes Green" button on the side panel. 
(I still haven't figured out how to put the code and button in my post without it converting weird)

So, today I'm going to talk about my green kitchen/cleaning:

Here are some green tips from under my kitchen sink:
  • The newspaper (far right) has lots of uses. I save ads we get for free and use them mainly for cleaning windows and mirrors. We don't have any paper towels in our house anymore. Paper actually cleans glass just as good, if not better than paper towels because I never have any streaks! 
  • So what do we use around the house instead of paper towels and napkins? We have a few cloth napkins and we just use towels themselves. Cuts down on costs and I can just keep reusing them.
  • I use my dishwasher as often as possible. A full load in the dishwasher is not only much less work for me but actually is more efficient than washing by hand. It uses less water, which is great for our bills!
  • We recycle. We have two garbage cans right next to each other in the kitchen so there really isn't an excuse to not recycle something. What's nice about our apartment complex is that we don't even have to separate anything. It all gets thrown down the same shoot in our trash room. Makes recycling SO easy.
  • I'm not sure who passed this invention down to me, maybe my mom or aunts. It is THE best way to save all of your plastic bags. All I did was cut a hole in the side of an old milk container. It's nice because it as the handle and keeps all the bags compact. Plus, I didn't have to buy some kind of contraption just for the bags. You can fit SO many bags in this thing and we have one for the bathrooms as well. You can also use the 1/2 gallon containers if you don't want such a big one.
  • We use old plastic bags for trash can liners in our bathrooms. When we had cats we used them for garbage bags for kitty litter. 
  • I keep all appliances in my kitchen unplugged when I'm not using them. (Throughout the house as well) Things plugged into outlets actually use energy, even if you're not using them. Keeping things like chargers or the coffee pot unplugged when not in use helps conserve electricity. (It might not seem like much but it can add up.)
  • I use a natural dish soap with pretty simple ingredients. It costs a little bit more (and not everyone has to do it) but I just like the lemony smell and how simple it is. All chemicals in it are plant based which just makes me feel better lol.

  • On the top shelf here, you can see all of our reusable bags. We seriously have SO many. They hold WAY more than the plastic grocery bags and actually, are much easier to carry. The handles allow more room so you can put the bags on your shoulders. (This is a big deal for us because we have a long walk to the elevator and a long hall to get to our apartment door.)
  • And on the bottom shelf we have our cooling racks. I switched to those instead of letting things cool out on tinfoil on the counter. I know that lots of people probably already do that but it was just something we recently did that I'm proud of :) Plus we got nice racks that stack so it doesn't take up lots of room on our counter top. 
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  1. Great green tips! I love my dishwasher too!

  2. I LOVE this idea! I am going to round up and take pictures of all the green ideas I've been using (I have a bunch!) and I'll post and link up soon!

    Very cool, Mama. Very cool. ;)

  3. Here's my question. If you don't use paper towels, hope do you drain bacon grease or blog a greasy slice of pizza?

  4. How neat?! I'm terrible about using lots of paper towels...ugh.

  5. Rhonda- we RARELY have bacon (Chikezie isn't a big bacon guy and its a waste if I make a ton for myself.) But the couple times we have had bacon, it's turkey bacon which produces little to no grease.
    As far as pizza goes, we don't order pizza often. It's cheaper to get a Digiorno and those don't have much grease at all :)