I took lots of random pictures this weekend and made a lot of random crap for the boys...and now you get to look at it all!


I accidentally dressed them alike! (I try not to) 

Isaiah wearing a hoodie that I fear will not fit much longer..."fat guy in a little cooooat"

While chasing his bottle past the bookshelf, Julian contemplates what books he will read next.

Isaiah models a bib mama made. How sweet is his little mouth? 

Julian talks to mama while she tries to get a picture of another bib she made. 

Julian practices his "look off into the distance" modeling pose. (With another bib mama made)

Isaiah...being Isaiah. 

Julian showing off his mouse ears mama made him for Halloween :) 

Isaiah just got off work at his very professional job (tie required) and came home for a picture or two.

After all that modeling, Julian was tuckered out...and fell asleep drinking his bottle at 7pm last night. This NEVER happens. He always rolls to his side like this when he drinks :)

And because he was so still, I had to take a couple pictures:

How did your weekend go?
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  1. HA HA!! Fat guy in a little coat made me bust out laughing!! That was total awesomeness.

    Good job on all of your creations! I especially LOVED the mouse ears and the tie/onesie :-)

  2. Fat guy in a little coat! LOL

  3. LOL I'm glad you guys got as much of a laugh out of that as I did. I was giggling the whole time taking that picture I could hardly keep the camera straight!

  4. so cute!!! Our weekend was awesome, although a bit warmer than usual.

  5. these are such great photos. i love those bibs. i wish i had some when wyatt was all droolie.

  6. Very cute photos. Love the sleeping ones of Julian. So sweet. Cute bibs too!

  7. I love these photos! My favorite is Julian asleep on the doughnut pillow. It's so cute.

    What a great idea making bibs look like handkerchiefs - western style bib!

    I love the mouse ears. I want to dress my two year old up as a pumpkin but I can't even get him to wear a hat without screaming.

  8. Great photos :) Those mouse are are just way too adorable! Love them!

  9. woah, you are one talented mama! those ears look like they took some work, & those bibs are super cute. fat guy in a little coat cracked me up too... that's totally parker. such a chub. cute post!

  10. love all of the things you made them! You are an amazing mama!! love the mouse ear beany! So so cute. :)

  11. love the bibs! Love the hat! Love those sweet faces! and love your blog! SO excited to be your newest follower! Best to you!