lookie what I made

New hair clip up in the etsy shop!
I'm playing with some different fabrics for these and I just love this color.

AND this weekend I finally got a sewing machine!!! So excited to learn how to make tons of cool stuff I've been researching but couldn't make without a machine! So far, this was my first creation with the machine:

I hung it above our kitchen sink and I think it looks pretty good. 
I do know however, that I need to work on sewing curves. My "S" on "Harvest" is pitiful. Not even going to embarrass myself with a close up on that one. 

Now I'm working on a pillow and looking for a pattern for a yoga bag :) So excited for this machine!

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  1. oh my gosh! i love your creations! i especially love the banner. so cute! seriously... i'm thinking about making one now...