my ink

I'm a mama with tattoos.
I've usually don't explain them because I feel like everyone's tattoos mean something to them individually and sometimes, nobody else gets it.  Or I guess some people just get random tattoos for no reason. 

But mine all have a meaning.

First tattoo: Purple Lily. 
Meaning: My mom used to get me lilies for my birthday I got this shortly after I graduated high school. I went with a couple friends (who were supposed to get tattoos as well and I was the only one who went through with it! 

Second tattoo: Red lilies (behind the purple)
I got this as an addition to the purple one in February of my sophomore year of college. 

Third tattoo: Orange violet on my shoulder.
Meaning: This tattoo was originally all yellow but because of it's placement on my shoulder fades really fast in the sun so it was recently touched up with some orange. I got this the beginning of my Junior year of college shortly after a friend died in a freak accident at college. I'm not one for memoriam tattoos with names but wanted something to remember the preciousness of life and to remember his spirit. This was perfect.

Fourth Tattoo:
I got this tattoo the summer before my senior year of college. I drew this and originally wanted it on a finger but they told me it'd fade too fast so I picked my neck. This one hurt the most of all I think! 
Meaning: This one probably has the deepest meaning to me. It goes way back to my childhood. On all of my horrible, bad days, my mom would always tell me, "Tomorrow will be a better day". This tattoo symbolizes the cycle of life. The blue; rainy days. The yellow; the good days. No matter how bad you think it'll get, tomorrow will be better. I live my life with this eternal sense of optimism and that each day is what you paint it to be. (Hence the brush like strokes of color) 

Fifth Tattoo:
Meaning: Columbine flower, the state flower of Colorado. I took trips there all the time growing up and spent a summer there in college. I have only the best memories of Colorado and want this flower to remind me of those. I just know I'll end up there for good one day :)

And last but not least, my sixth tattoo:
The blue winds around my shoulder. I got this tattoo in 2 sittings in the spring of 2009. Chikezie had just moved to California and I was starting a whole new chapter of my life. I am a creature not of habit but of change. I NEED change in my life. I got this tattoo to symbolize that need and to show the beauty in change and adventure. 

Tattoos ARE addicting. I'm still planning my next ones. I'd like to connect the purple lily on the front with the other tattoos on the front and I'm planning on getting something (possibly with a tree) under the blue. I don't plan on going lower than 1/4 sleeve (a.k.a. not quite to my elbow) but I definitely feel this isn't quite complete!

I want to help break some of those stereotypes about people with tattoos. Many people who first meet me are surprised when they learn I have so many, and never thought I was "that kind of person". I want people to see that stereotypes are not always true. 

What does Chikezie think of all this? I'm not sure how much he liked them at first, especially as I got more. But I know he thinks they're beautiful. He does have a limit though. I promised I wouldn't go below my elbows or start getting lots of random ones all over my body...and I won't. He's been wanting one for a long time as well...maybe one of these days he'll finally get one?!

Here's where you guys can link up! Write a post, or link to a post where you've shown off your ink! 


  1. Ooh I love hearing people's tattoo stories! I love yours! I lived in Colorado for 8 years - and the Columbine happens to be my FAVORITE flower!

    I will link up mine as soon as I can get some decent pictures taken :)

  2. I love them and adore that they have such meaning behind them. My husband and I took the leap and after years of contemplating each got some ink. I got one for each of my little ones (3 total - so far) and he got one on each wrist to honor faith and our daughter's birth country. Tattoos are totally addictive - I can't wait to get some more too!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  3. I swear I thought I was following now!

    Love all your ink and will definitely be linking up as soon as I get a decent pic.

  4. Oh, I'll have to take some photos tomorrow for sure. :D

    Beautiful ink!

  5. I love this post! I will definitely be linking up....funny to think of all the stereotypes associated with tattoos! Love your shoulder tat, cool to think it was all done at different times, had no idea!

  6. I love your tatoos, maybe is because they´re flowers. ;)

  7. you are rockin those tats girl. i love the one behind your neck.
    i don't have any but i occasionally draw flowers on my foot & people always think it's legit. i let them think it. i've toyed with the idea, but am pretty chicken when it comes to something so permanent :)

  8. Gorgeous ink!

    I don't have a post with photos, but I have Egyptian Hieroglyphs on the inside of my right wrist. I got them when I was in highschool (naughty!) and they're important to that time in my life. They represent life and protection.

    On my neck, behind my right ear I have a small star that I got in college. To me it represents overcoming trials.

    On my chest, below each collar bone I have large flowers from a William Morris Wallpaper pattern called Chrysanthemum. I got that shortly after my now 3 year old son was was born. The chrysanthemum is the birth flower for his due date (he was a preemie, born 6 weeks early).

    I plan on a few more, but that's it for now.

  9. Just like Sara, I swore I was following too! Now I am too :) I linked up. I love your tattoos, they are each so gorgeous and have such special meaning!!