I heart mustaches.

Ya'll know I like mustaches. I mean, the dudes got them at a very early age, so I'm a little partial. 

I've been hanging around etsy and have found some super awesome mustache stuff. 

Check it. 

The Bold Banana Mustache collection shirt

Ha Ha Bird Leather mustache neck warmer

Jack Glass Etched mustache glass

The Blissful Baker  Mustache cupcake toppers
(I know the Dude's 1st bday is a ways away but we're totally doing these.)

Little Alouette Wee Wood Mustache Teething Toy

Kikichoo Vegetable mustache greeting cards

Love Elycia Mustache headband

I had no idea there were so many things you could add mustaches to! I'm in love!


  1. hi! nice to meet you :)

    thank you so much for featuring my headband! you are so sweet.

    i'm hoping to post a few recipes soon, i hope you enjoy :)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Vegetable Mustache greetings cards.

  3. who knew so many people liked mustaches!

  4. haha, i had no idea mustaches were such a "thing." hilarious.

  5. Hey thanks for the follow! I also love moustaches. I apparently spell moustache incorrectly though.

    You totally had me at your dudes rocking moustaches banner!

    Follow back atcha.

  6. that shirt is the cutest! i want one for corbin!!! :) ive been playing with picnik.coms new "give anyone a beard" tool. its soooo funny.

  7. love this! oh, and by the way-i think YOU are amazing! I've been following your blog for a good while! you're stinkin' awesomeness. ;)

  8. Hahha I <3 mustaches too!!!

    Cute babies btw!!!

    Oh yeah, I saw you in the 20SB group! :D
    Nice to have found your blog! :)