hey hey it's your birthday

{ I write this at 10:29 pm as I watch my husband massacre people with a cop car on Grand Theft Auto. This game is ridiculous and I can't help but just laugh at him. He knows he needs to get it out now because once the boys get bigger this game will be dunzo. }

Today was a perfect little birthday. Drizzly, cool and full of perfectness. I think if it rains on your birthday it should be good luck. Or it was just God's little way of wishing me happy birthday because he knows how much I love the rain. (Thanks God. I owe ya one.)

I said goodbye to 25 with bittersweet thoughts. 25 was my best year yet. How can you top becoming a mama...twice!? I'm so excited for what 26 has up it's sleeve for me :) 

And my first surprise of 26 was from Chikezie. If you know him, we all know he can not keep secrets. This comes to gifting as well. I fully anticipate on each major holiday or gift giving occasion, Chikezie will leave at some point in the morning to get my gift. This doesn't mean he doesn't put any thought into it. He plans it out in advance but really can not STAND the suspense of having a gift in the house for me that I don't know about. (I wonder how he's survived 28 Christmases so far!) 

And as usual, he never fails to trick me on my gift. I thought I was getting a new work table and was instead surprised with a Nikon D3100....and if you know me, I've wanted a DSLR for YEARS. I've been working with this point and shoot (although pretty good) for about 2 years now and have longed for a nice camera. I was so excited I cried. I haven't cried about a gift since we got engaged. 

So, here are a few pictures from my first day with my new baby. I have no idea what I'm doing yet....but I had fun playing.
Baby J, shortly after nap. 

Baby J once again, confused after nap.

Brother. Trying to figure out how to grab the banana.

The angel food cake I baked myself with chocolate whipped frosting. I used to get angel food every year for my birthday and this tasted like a little slice of home. 

Nice to meet you, 26. I can't wait to see what you have in store for me :)

Click please. Love you.
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  1. I have been wanting a DSLR as well! I love your first pics!!! I for some reason thought you were a lot older, but your my age! so cool!~

  2. oooh, i am jeeeaaallous!! i've been drooling over a dslr forever too. happy birthday you lucky girl! :)

  3. I'll be 26 in a week! Happy B-day pretty lady!

  4. Wow, what an awesome gift, happy birthday!

  5. Happy late Birthday and I am SUPER jealous about your new camera! I want something other than a point and shoot sooooo bad. Enjoy it!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new friend.

  7. Love this post...great photos!! (What a cutie pie!) Congrats and HB!

  8. aw! it looks like an awesome birthday! i'm so happy for you!

  9. look at all that hair! he is absolutely gorgeous darling :)