here comes the sun!

FINALLY! This is the first morning in awhile that I woke up to a sunrise. We've been having so much rain and even on mornings with no rain, it's cloudy and foggy. Well, today it's supposed to be in the upper 70's so I really have no business being inside typing this!

I will say a couple of random things and then I'm off to enjoy the weather with my little explorers:

  • I did Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior DVD for the first time this morning. Loved it. It is 1 hour of fast paced power yoga. Good if you already know basic poses because he doesn't spend a lot of time explaining how to do each but moves quick enough that I wasn't bored and was definitely challenged. I really liked 1 hour. It seems long, compared to a couple other shorter DVD's I have but I felt like I really did something in an hour.
  • I've been reading Eat Pray Love for the past couple weeks before bed and have decided I really need to just sit down and read some chunks during the day. I saw the movie and heard the book was equally as good if not better and so far it is great.
  • I still have to finish Isaiah's Halloween hat. It only took me a few hours to crochet Julian's mouse ears so Isaiah's hat shouldn't take me that long...and I need to do it.
  • We also need to carve pumpkins. Maybe tonight?
  • I don't care what anyone says .PB & J (at least the kind that I eat) is good for you. Whole wheat bread, natural PB and sugar free strawberry preserves. Pure. BLISS.
Ok...I typed that as fast as I possibly much to do and enjoy on this beautiful day-I'm out of here!

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  1. oh my god. pb&j sounds so good to me right now. i'm doing a no dairy, no sugar thing right now.