Happy Halloween!!

We didn't go trick or treating. The boys don't even know what candy is so that would mean mommy and daddy went trick or treating. I think we're a little old for that.

However, we did manage to get the dudes into costume and snap a few pictures this morning. Growing up I don't remember EVER having a bought costume and really liked the creativity in all of my costumes. So, I decided I wanted to pass that on to the boys. 

Let's see if you can all guess what they are:

If you didn't figure it out...here's a little clue:

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

The Paper Mama


  1. I TOTALLY got the Tom Cruise reference! I remember seeing that scene when I was MUCH too young to have been seeing it!!

    Very cute, Mandey. And good for you for not taking them out for candy this year.

  2. so so cute! Even though we went to an event this weekend we definitely didn't trick or treat either. It's just too deng cold and I don't need that candy staring at me.

  3. Yessss! I'm glad somebody got it! I was going to give them different costumes but didn't want to cover up the sweet curls lol. I thought of the monk thing last night while I was laying in bed...I originally was going to have Julian be Clark Kent w/his hair all slicked down but got him half dressed and realized he looked like Tom Cruise so just went with it haha.

  4. Those costumes are so awesome - I love your creativity!

  5. aaaw so cute! Love your costumes :)

  6. I remember buying some costumes when i was younger... but the best were always the ones made at home (my mom sewed some of them)....

    I also want to pass that to my kids... you are a creative mama... love the outfits you chose for your boys!

  7. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Those are two of the cutest babies I have EVER seen! Their hair?!!

    I love it!

    What creative costumes...and, I'll admit...I had no clue! So cute!