October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday: one year ago

Pregnant Mandey, one year ago tomorrow!

One year ago she was getting ready to go out for a late birthday dinner with friends. She was 17 weeks pregnant with my little men. She was happy, comfortable and excited. This Mandey didn't know yet the joys of motherhood and what awaited her a year later. She thought she was huge, but little did she know of how big she would REALLY get! Get excited Mama, there is much in store for you :)

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  1. you would never guess there were two babies in there you tiny thing!

  2. oh my goodness you were (still are) so so cute! i can't believe you were that teeny at seventeen weeks with TWO! that's awesome :) don't you wish you could go back & tell yourself what it would be like a year later? you wouldn't listen to yourself. or believe it.

  3. Hah! Thanks guys. I feel like I'm only slightly smaller than that NOW. I still have like..20 lbs to lose but I guess it looks better BEFORE babies, not the saggy mess I am AFTER lol

  4. This makes me miss being pregnant! ...um, well... kind of, haha.


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