Flashback Friday: lookin like mama

My dad told me yesterday that he doesn't think the Dudes look like me at all. 

So I decided to look through some old pictures. 

Of course we already know, they look like daddy:
I mean, come on. So unfair.

But I think they look a little like mama, too:
I think Julian has the top half of my face, but has his daddy's lips and mouth.

Yea, I look like a little monster in this picture.

And Isaiah has my cheeks, mouth (although he's been blessed with much fuller lips)

Don't mind my choppy mullet. Just be jealous you weren't that stylin.

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Oh, and it's my first week for NFF-Hi everybody!
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  1. Hello! I am a new follower from New Friend Friday, so glad to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. your boys are so handsome! the mullet is the best part of the photo!

  3. everyone says the same about my boys. they're spitting images of their father... but i think they have a little bit of me here and there. it seems to be coming out more as they grow. :)


  4. There are a lot of pictures of the boys when I think they look like you. Fear not!

  5. Ya, I was going to say that Isaah does look like you..except with a little bit darker skin complexion...you know how many hours I tan for that skin colour?
    Your children are beautiful as are you!

  6. Hey new friends! Thanks for stopping by! I wish I had my boy's PERFECT complexion...along with their cutie hair that just looks perfect all messed up!

    I wish I could put cute bows in it. I tell Chikezie that if we tried for a girl, our luck she'd be bald. Or we'd have another beautiful curly haired boy haha!

  7. So so cute!! They look a lot like both of you!

    I need to do this with our baby pictures too.

  8. yea, i see it! They're cuuute.